huuuuuuuuuuuuuh-deactivated2014 asked: wait are you from sweden???? btw your blog is radical

Thanks ! I am not from Sweden, I just spent a semester there. It was fucking extreme man, cannot recommend it enough


I am not blogging a whole lot at the moment but I do use the following pretty much everyday…

Twitter: Kateflood
Instagram: Kaateflood

Right Now

I am now in Sweden to study until June. Life is sweet.

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One of the best videos of one of the best speeches ever made. This is from The Great Dictator and the fact this was made in 1940 should blow your mind…

smoke-and-fun asked: i'm sure they say you this a lot, but you are hot and your blog is cool.

Nobody says this to me ! Thanks man X

ih8weetabix asked: You're extremely beautiful :) xo

Thanks. Right now I have a really bad haircut. I’ll look at your blog in a minute :)

Anonymous asked: You look like rock and roll angel.

I have no idea what this means. Thanks anyway ?

alforock asked: Your username is Got Glint. But it has something to do with the Chemical Brothers song? Greetings from Chile ;)

Hey ! It certainly is… Got Glint is my favourite song from Surrender, which was the first album I ever owned.

Anonymous asked: are your eyebrows real/

100% … as is the never ending battle with my monobrow

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My hair and skin are 100x better when I wake up from an afternoon nap than at any other time in my life


We Got Our Grades Back

I got a first for the year ! Somehow. Very nice, very nice indeed.


I updated by Blogspot and now it looks super cute:

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