blink-182 - Neighborhoods (Full Album)

If you are in a less than great mood, this will help. Everyone tried to shit over this album when it came out, like they do with anything recent from any band ever, but it is a fucking good album and if you still don’t like it after your second listen then you are probably doing it out of principle like a pretentious idiot…


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Sunglasses but no sun



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I use Pinterest quite a lot because I love the digital company of soccer moms. Nat. But if you are on there too:

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It is March already, which means I have a month left in Brighton after almost three years here. Cannot tell if this is exciting or depressing


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BLOG: Holiday in Snowdonia ›

We went to the CAT in Snowdonia, Wales. A total of 18 hours on a coach was worth it because the place was amazing… also it was fun and I took loads of photos…