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For the time being I keep forgetting this blog even exists…


The flowers have once again long since perished but I reflowered my shoes

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Band of Skulls - Baby Darling Doll Face Honey (Full Album)

Valentines Day present from Harry

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Hold the press, I stopped neglecting blogspot (again)

Mitch Murder - Breeze

You’re a wave short of an ocean aint ya

Here’s a Question

It is research:
Acts of protest in Western capitalist societies are now largely dominated by the middle classes - is this good or bad ?

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Marine life is so cool and strange

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They’re boring and only concern hair and **my life** but whatever. I neglected blogspot because I had better things to do but now my ‘better things to do’ consist of essays and revision but it’s Christmas so… http://c4rousel.blogspot.com