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They’re boring and only concern hair and **my life** but whatever. I neglected blogspot because I had better things to do but now my ‘better things to do’ consist of essays and revision but it’s Christmas so…

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I lightened my hair today. It went an unprecedented shade of white blonde and coral (originally intended to be light brown) but I like it. Lighter in parts or stay the same ?

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I Haven’t Had a Small-Hours Internet Thought in a While

What is this thing with declaring anyone that’s not alternative - and a particular brand of alternative at that - as being vapid, talentless, shallow, narcissistic or similar ?

This is a trend most common in music and is the type of mind set I had when I was 12 and thought I was a punk… then I realized that dismissing the work of other people who are just doing something they enjoy regardless of what any elite thinks is the least punk perspective you could have. Protesting musicians that promote white supremacy or sexism or some other attack on the already marginalized is fair enough but protesting musicians just because they don’t play to your preferences is kind of sad.

Criticizing something you don’t like is natural. Everybody does it to varying degrees.
Saying that someone is ‘talentless’ or similar is unacceptable. Ask Nicki Minaj to record a punk song and it’s probably not going to be great. Ask Big Black to record an R&B song and it’s not going to fare much better.

I think it is also kind of significant that ‘music critic’ and ‘musician’ are two practices often exclusive of one another.
Those quick to label people as ‘worthwhile’ or ‘pointless’: what contribution are you yourself making to the field and what makes you think you’re so much more enlightened than others to set the standard ?

**** This is true of so many professions but I used music as an example as it is one of the only universal examples I could think of.



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The EastEnders Christmas Special is one the greater parts of the day



Please message or email me if any of the following apply to you - through replying to this, using Tumblr ask or sending me an email:

*** Do you have any experience of discrimination / subordination within medicine ?
*** Do you have any knowledge of discrimination against women and/or vulnerable people within medicine ?
*** Do you know any reliable accounts or literature on the subject ?


If someone reels off a list of reasons why all girls are bullshit because they happened to not get their own way with one, don’t agree with them so that people think you’re one of the few ‘cool’ girls… tell them to get a grip and replace the word ‘girl’ with the word ‘black’ or ‘disabled’ or another often victimized group and see if they still think it’s alright to say that kind of thing…

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Palestine is now recognized as a state in its own right following votes at the United Nations general assembly. Image shows who voted what - it comes as no real surprise that modern day imperialist states, Britain, Australia, Canada and the richest areas of continents in the global South either voted ‘no’ or abstained in cowardice entirely.
I am surprised at Eastern Europe but regardless, it’s about time. Click here for more information or click through to be taken to the image source on AVAAZ.

I am having a fringe cut in this week. Is it going to look terrible ?