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Girls & Weights

Thought I’d post this given that there’s a lot of misinformation out there concerning girls lifting weights; most of it coming from assumptions made by people that don’t actually know much about health, fitness and nutrition.

Lifting weights, if done correctly, is good for you. You won’t turn into a huge bodybuilder type, you’ll just be toned and strong. The amount of hours you’d have to spend working out alongside the huge quantities of food necessary to obtain a ‘bodybuilder’ physique equates to being more or less a full time job.

I have the slimmest arms out of most people I know and that’s because I lift weights. I also manage my diet pretty well but for the sake of working out that should be a given for anyone looking to get fit anyway.

As with any other exercise, the way you execute weight lifting is a key factor in what the results will be. Heavy weights with a lower rep count will build muscle and lighter weights with a higher rep count will burn fat. Each will contribute to the other a little of course, but that’s your basic guideline.

ANY exercise will help you lose weight, build muscle and set you on the path to obtaining the body you want. It’s also important to remember that weighing yourself isn’t necessarily the best way to track your progress - muscle is heavier than fat and so measuring your waist, thighs, hips and arms also makes for a clearer indication of how much you’ve lost or gained.

No More Chocolate

Today I found out that 2847 gallons of water go into the production of every 454g of chocolate. Another reason to give it up, aside from the fact it contains cows milk, dead insects and saturated fat. Grim


Cutting out my diet staples to see what happens

5 Minute Workout

Those weird ‘5 minute workout’ things that people are throwing around are so ludicrous for a million reasons:

If you’re only willing to spend 5 minutes here and there on exercise then don’t be surprised if you’re overweight.

5 minutes of exercise, no matter how intense, is going to do fuck all. It takes 15 minutes minimum before your metabolism gets faster; any less than this and you’re not going to be taking energy from your fat reserves. You’ll burn calories but the amount will be limited.

Exercising more doesn’t mean you can eat more: eat less, do more. Or at least follow one of those rules without changing your habits in regard to the other. People grossly overestimate how many calories a particular activity burns off.
For instance, running for half an hour does not warrant an extra meal.  

Going by weight alone will not tell you anything. Measure the areas where you tend to put on weight: you could be losing inches but gaining weight in muscle and so not notice.

People would do well to remember that ‘calories’ are not the only thing to look out for: fat content, saturated fats, salt intake, sugar intake, alcohol, undiscovered food intolerance, water retention, digestion problems. All of these things contribute to weight gain (and the appearance of weight gain).
Example: 3000 calories worth of broccoli will be less fattening than 1000 calories worth of chocolate.

There is so much misinformed shit on the internet in regards to ‘healthy living’ that nobody could be blamed for not knowing what to do… but as a golden rule, never diet. Make permanent lifestyle changes but never diet. Not only does it fuck up your health and your metabolism; as soon as you come off the diet you’ll put on weight and then some. Take it from someone that is actually slim and healthy…