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blink-182 - Neighborhoods (Full Album)

If you are in a less than great mood, this will help. Everyone tried to shit over this album when it came out, like they do with anything recent from any band ever, but it is a fucking good album and if you still don’t like it after your second listen then you are probably doing it out of principle like a pretentious idiot…

Band of Skulls - Baby Darling Doll Face Honey (Full Album)

Mitch Murder - Breeze

I Haven’t Had a Small-Hours Internet Thought in a While

What is this thing with declaring anyone that’s not alternative - and a particular brand of alternative at that - as being vapid, talentless, shallow, narcissistic or similar ?

This is a trend most common in music and is the type of mind set I had when I was 12 and thought I was a punk… then I realized that dismissing the work of other people who are just doing something they enjoy regardless of what any elite thinks is the least punk perspective you could have. Protesting musicians that promote white supremacy or sexism or some other attack on the already marginalized is fair enough but protesting musicians just because they don’t play to your preferences is kind of sad.

Criticizing something you don’t like is natural. Everybody does it to varying degrees.
Saying that someone is ‘talentless’ or similar is unacceptable. Ask Nicki Minaj to record a punk song and it’s probably not going to be great. Ask Big Black to record an R&B song and it’s not going to fare much better.

I think it is also kind of significant that ‘music critic’ and ‘musician’ are two practices often exclusive of one another.
Those quick to label people as ‘worthwhile’ or ‘pointless’: what contribution are you yourself making to the field and what makes you think you’re so much more enlightened than others to set the standard ?

**** This is true of so many professions but I used music as an example as it is one of the only universal examples I could think of.



Gold Zebra, Love, French, Better


Gonna sit here and pretend summer hasn’t gone as quickly as it came

Miami Nights 1984, Clutch

Glass Candy, Candy Castle

M83, Claudia Lewis

John Denver, Country Roads

Friendly Fires, Jump in the Pool [Thin White Duke] remix
I used to listen to this with Nicole on the way home from college, it’s weird to hear it again

Funabashi, Daylight

Ralphie B, Delphi

Lorraine Ellison, Stay With Me

Glass Candy, Warm in the Winter