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I am not blogging a whole lot at the moment but I do use the following pretty much everyday…

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Right Now

I am now in Sweden to study until June. Life is sweet.

My hair and skin are 100x better when I wake up from an afternoon nap than at any other time in my life


We Got Our Grades Back

I got a first for the year ! Somehow. Very nice, very nice indeed.


Bitching at beaching

Changed my hair


Buy my stuff on ebay !:

I’ll be able to pay my rent and you will get some good clothes… there’s more stuff on there and I’m adding more each day X

Sunglasses but no sun


I use Pinterest quite a lot because I love the digital company of soccer moms. Nat. But if you are on there too:

Verging on monobrow


It is March already, which means I have a month left in Brighton after almost three years here. Cannot tell if this is exciting or depressing


BLOG: Holiday in Snowdonia ›

We went to the CAT in Snowdonia, Wales. A total of 18 hours on a coach was worth it because the place was amazing… also it was fun and I took loads of photos…


Twitter: kateflood
Instagram: kaateflood

For the time being I keep forgetting this blog even exists…